Our exclusively selected clients benefit from profound expertise in the fields of company management and public relations, when being part of our meticulously planned growth system. We handle customer concerns discreetly and develop concepts tailored to our customers' needs so that they can scale their businesses and reputation in a structured and efficient manner. With the perfect company location of our family office, we provide our customers the ideal tax conditions. Focus on the real important things of your daily business, generating profit, while we take over the management of your strategy from the background. We scan your mail and forward it to the appropriate parties, we coordinate financial matters directly with your trustee, and most important of all, we help you develop your PR strategy and implement it successfully. 

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Family Office

Domicile option  
CHF 500 per month 

Erwachsene Studenten


Business Coach Workbook

CHF 175 a piece

Lächelnde Person mit Tablet

Family Office 

Personal Assistant

CHF 800 per month

Arbeiten mit Tabellenkalkulationen


Business Structure Planner

CHF 150 a piece


Family Office

Public Relations Package

CHF 1'700 per month

Treffen zum Unternehmenskonzept


Marketing & Sales Card-Deck

CHF 25 a piece

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