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Pablo von Arx resigns from the Board of Directors - Antonia Martina Durisch takes over his position

After 21 years with AC Attractive Corporation AG, Mr. Pablo von Arx is leaving the Board of Directors.

As a founding member of AC Attractive Corporation AG, Mr von Arx played a key role in the structural development, the ideation and vision, as well as in strategic management of the company.

We wish Mr. Pablo von Arx all the best for his future and thank him sincerely for his outstanding contributions! In addition to his many strategically relevant decisions he inspired employees, listened carefully and brought out the best in each and everyone he worked with.

The Managing Director of AC Attractive Corporation AG Ms Antonia Martina Durisch takes over from Mr Pablo von Arx as a member of the Board of Directors.

Yours Sincerely

Attractive Corporation AG

We make the difference

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