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Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs Disrupting Their Industries In 2021

We celebrate the freshly published article on our Managing Director Mrs Durisch:

The article reported on the success project of 2021, which presents the worldwide breakthrough to demonstrate a voltage difference at a load without a bipolar electrical energy source. This discovery makes it possible to measure a voltage not with 2 poles, plus (+) and minus (-), as we used to, but it shows that there is another possibility to obtain a voltage difference over a load. Her team has thus succeeded in finding a way to conduct electricity without a circuit. The "One Wire" effect was presented to the public for the first time on 18.04.2021 in the following video, after over 35 years of basic research:

The new laws of physics that have been discovered allow this company to make old processes more efficient, so that this project is a pioneer of its time and will have a significant influence on current environmental issues.

Durisch and her team are developing the final business plan by the end of 2021 in line with the Swiss government's Energy Strategy 2050.

The scale of this discovery has an inconceivable added value for investors and the environment, as the generation, transportation, storage and distribution of electric and thermal energy will cut the fossil fuel need, by up to 20 times, when the company's no-prior-art technology comes into play.

A new era can begin in January 2022, with 20 times less fossil fuel need, a breakthrough in the history of the energy sector!

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